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27 years
Markham ,Other Cities in Ontario ,Ontario ,Canada.
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30 years
North York ,Other Cities in Ontario ,Ontario ,Canada.
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21 years
Whitby ,Durham ,Ontario ,Canada.
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41 years
Dufferin Grove ,Toronto county ,Ontario ,Canada.
 georgesun(Located 62.82 Km)
41 years
Hamilton ,Hamilton ,Ontario ,Canada.
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33 years
Mississauga Valley ,Peel ,Ontario ,Canada.
 sgraptors(Located 19.17 Km)
25 years
Unionville ,York ,Ontario ,Canada.
 rdee77(Located 18.49 Km)
44 years
Mississauga Valley ,Peel ,Ontario ,Canada.
 0707(Located 25.20 Km)
30 years
Streetsville ,Peel ,Ontario ,Canada.
 mulisha(Located 332.23 Km)
39 years
South March ,Ottawa Division ,Ontario ,Canada.